at daily bar, our products are handcrafted with Love.

Launched in 2016, DAILY BAR is an artisanal wellness concept that honors handcrafted methods of creating personal care products. The brand works only with 100% natural and earth-sourced ingredients while adding creative and positive energy into all its formulations. As a maker of small-batch essentials that enhance wellbeing, DAILY BAR crafts each of its products as expressions of love—made from the very home of its makers to yours.
“It really started as a home experiment. I got into soap-making as a form of therapy. The passion to be well was also brought about by my skin sensitivity which was eventually passed on to my two daughters. As soon as I got into soap-making, it proved to be such a fulfilling and inspiring endeavor. It also felt so good to make soap for my loved ones, which I was sure would be good for them, too.”

- Apple Albano, DAILY BAR Founder

The brand’s inaugural plant-based soaps were cornerstones for developing an entire range of products suited for holistic lifestyles. It has since expanded into body washes, massage oils, balms and loungewear. Signature scents like peppermint and lavender are beloved staples in homes of those who choose to live more consciously. Natural remedies like DAILY BAR’s Arnica Salve and Moisturizing Heel Butter have also enhanced the sense of being well.

wellness for people, plant, and community

DAILY BAR has also taken strides to employ the best of the Philippine sustainability and fair trade practices. Coconut oils are sourced from a social enterprise in Quezon Province, supporting livelihood for farmers in the region.

Similarly, the brand has tapped family-owned farms as a sustainable and ethical source for beeswax. They’ve also connected with female makers of Bicol who employ artisanal methods in extracting and processing our premium grade Pili and Elemi Oils. Our cocoa butter, from cacao beans, made so pure they can be ingested, come from our local cacao farmers in Davao.

the daily bar promise

When we develop formulations for all of our products, we think of those we hold dearest and what we want for them: safe, clean, and effective daily essentials for Everyday Wellness.

DAILY BAR makes no compromises when it comes to selecting natural, mindfully sourced, premium ingredients. If it’s not good enough for our loved ones, it’s not good enough for you.

Our product range—from bath, body, balm to bedtime—are formulated to bring you back into a state of well being. We are committed to creating efficacious products that turn moments of each day into celebrations of self-love and Everyday Wellness.